Former London Mayor exits campaign for Britain may have second female prime minister

The current British Secretary of the Interior, Theresa Mayo, became the strongest competitor to the Conservative Party leader
LONDON, June 30 (Xinhuanet) - London's former mayor, Boris Johnson, suddenly announced that he would withdraw from the ranks of the Conservative Party leader and would not seek a new prime minister. After Johnson's exit, the incumbent British Interior Minister Theresa Meimei became the strongest competitor to the Conservative Party leader and could become the second female prime minister after Margaret Thatcher. Johnson held a press conference that day, the new Conservative Party leaders need to unite the party to ensure that Britain can continue to maintain the status of the world power, and his colleagues and colleagues after the assessment of the situation concluded that he is not a suitable candidate. He said that after the British decision to leave the EU, he is not the right person to lead and unite the United Kingdom, his task is to support the new Conservative team as much as possible to ensure that the new ruling team to fully win the voters trust. In the British "off Europe" referendum process, Johnson is "off the European camp" soul. After the referendum was announced, British Prime Minister David Cameron announced his resignation, and public opinion generally agreed that Johnson was the most promising candidate to succeed Cameron as prime minister. He suddenly announced his withdrawal from the campaign, contrary to the expectations of many people. The current British Interior Minister Theresa May has announced that she will participate in the Conservative Party's election. During his referendum, Theresa has supported "stay in Europe", but she has always been critical of the EU's inefficiency and bureaucracy, and strongly advocates restricting immigration. British media believe that in the current British society split the situation, Teresa Mei can get the identity of the two sides camp, can effectively bridge the differences between the parties. The biggest competitor of Theresa Meyer is the current Justice Minister Michael Goff, who announced his participation in the Conservative Party leader election on the 30th. Gov is another chief of the "disarming", who served as the Conservative Party's party whip and had great influence in the party. In addition, Minister of Commerce Jia Weide, Minister of Education Nicky Morgan, Employment and Retirement Protection Minister Crabbe has also announced his participation in the Conservative Party leader election. The new Conservative Party leader is expected to be elected in early September this year. The Conservative Party is the current British ruling party, in accordance with the British constitutional system, the ruling party leader will automatically become the British Prime Minister. (Finish)

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