Meal Britain suspected of reselling Brazil Olympic ticket company and then four people were arrested

Following the Brazilian police earlier arrested THG in charge of Mullen
According to the Hong Kong, "Wen Wei Po" reported on August 17, the British international sports event management company THG, suspected of speculation in the Olympic Games tickets storms, following the Brazilian police earlier arrested THG director Mullen, the local A judge ordered the arrest of four THG executives involved in the 15th order. The police did not account for the above four people. Brazilian police arrested Mullen last week, accusing him of high-priced resale, including the closing of the Olympic Games tickets, it is estimated that 10 million reale can be profitable (about 20.82 million yuan). THG issued a statement denying the company and Mullen involved, said the police last week in the action confiscated over a thousand tickets, is the legal agent on behalf of the Irish reseller Pro 10, and criticized the Brazilian Olympic Organizing Committee to disseminate false information against other companies legal Trading activities to support local ticketing vendors. Pro 10 also issued a statement that the police confiscated the tickets, the company suffered commercial losses, but did not make further comments. (Internship editor: Ma Na audit: Tan Liya)

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